How did YIXING get Her Name
An Antique YiXing teapot made around 1900

Zisha teapots come from Yixing, the ancient capital of clay located in the JiangSu province of China. Yes, you might have already know that.

But where did the name "Yixing" come from?

During the Era of Chun Qiu Zhan Guo (Spring-Autumn-Battle-Countries) 770 BC - 221 BC, YiXing was named JingXi   (Thorn-Creek) after a creek coming from the green mountains.

Then later in the Qin (221 BC - 206 BC) & Han (202 BC - 220 AD) Dynasty, JingXi was renamed YangXian (Sun-Admire). 

Emperor Hui of the Jin Dynasty (265 AD - 420 AD) again renamed YangXian to YiXing (Righteous-Uprise, note: pronounced the same with YiXing but different in written) and gave it to a general as a reward for sending troops to save the country for 3 times.

In Song Dynasty (960 - 1276), Tai Jung Emperor's  (976 - 982) name had the character . To avoid using the same character with the Emperor (in ancient China, using any character of the Emperor's name was considered a huge disrespect) , YiXing was changed to YiXing . And it lasts till today.






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