To Prepare YiXing Teapots for First Use

YiXing teapots could smell clay and they could be dusted and covered with substances that doesn't go along with your Chinese tea. Let's take a few easy steps to get your YiXing teapots ready for tea brewing. Here we go:

  1. Bath your YiXing teapot in a clean pot of water. 

  2. Heat the pot gently.

  3. Just before the water boils, put a handful of tea into the water.

  4. Boil gently for 5 minutes. 

  5. Remove tea leaves in pot.

  6. Boil YiXing teapot very slowly for another 30 minutes.

  7. Take YiXing teapot out and dry naturally in shade.

Even if you just plan to use your YiXing teapots for display, it doesn't hurt to do the above to get rid of smell and dust.

Big NO-NOs:

  1. NEVER use soap or detergent on YiXing teapots. YiXing teapots absorb tea, as well as non-tea stuff. 

  2. Don't put your YiXing teapots near any funny smell, especially when they are wet - unless you want them to smell funny.

There are different ways to prepare YiXing teapots. The above doesn't seem to contradict any YiXing teapot common sense and is easy to follow. And it works fine for Kam so far.

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