YiXing Teapots and I

In 1999, Kam met YiXing teapots for the first time. It was a happy coincidence.

Kam had heard of YiXing teapots but I was still amazed by the variety and craftsmanship of this Chinese tea ware.
My first YiXing teapot .

A few years after the first encounter, Kam has come to know more about YiXing teapots. He paid visits to YiXing, he read YiXing teapot books, and he has probably gone through over 100,000 YiXing teapots (just looking).  All these only reinforce his interest in YiXing teapots.
  How Yixing-Teapots.net grew up
started @ yixing-teapot.com (Apr, 02)
continued @ yixing-teapots.net (Jul, 02)
total fact-lift (Jun, 04)
YiXing teapots archive linked to funalliance.com  (Aug, 04)

So for the sake of the need to conveniently document my findings on YiXing teapots, Kam decided to put up a site in 2002. And not until 2003 that he really sits down and start typing it all up - like a high school student on a project.

Hope all of you out there would find this site useful in getting you acquainted with YiXing teapots, as well as a little bit of Chinese culture.

Kam Leung


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